PM - I ( Kraft Paper - 60 TPD)

The Kraft Plant is of 60 TPD capacity with a recycle based technology using Old Corrugated Cartons as Basic Raw Material to manufacture Machine Glazed (MG) Kraft Paper.

MG Kraft paper is used by corrugators for making Corrugated Boxes a part of the huge Packaging Industry of India. Corrugated Boxes are used for Final Packaging of many products Indistrial and Consumer Products. The main parameters are B/F (the burst factor) and GSM (grammage per square meter).

The market for Kraft paper is both local and in the southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. Substantial quantity of Finished products are sold locally, as Nagpur is a big market having number of large industrial consumers like Reliance, Indo-Rama Synthetics, HUL, Marico, Haldiram's, Solar Industries, UB etc. for Kraft Paper, apart from several manufacturers of corrugated boxes.

PM-II ( Kraft Paper - 150 TPD)

PM-II Started Commercial Production in 2001 with initial Capacity of 60 PMT, which was gradually upgraded to 150 TPD. The Kraft Plant operates on a similar recycle based technology using Old Corrugated Cartons as Basic Raw Material to manufacture High Strength Kraft Paper. Its used in New Generation Corrugation Plants, which are High Speed. High Strength gives Optimum Results and Production to Corrugation Plants. Demand for Kraft Paper is poised to grow due to increase in New Generation 5 Ply-7 Ply Packaging in Consumer Goods, Household and Retail. E-Retail, led by Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra is also an upcoming Demand Driver.

PM - III ( Newsprint & Writing Printing - 150 TPD)

PM- III is a State-of-the-Art 150 TPD manufacturing site on MIDC Saoner Industrial Area, Nagpur District with a 6 MW Captive Power Plant. The Plant uses a World Class Technology from ANDRITZ of Finland for Its Pulp Mill. Paper Machine is from Beloit and Double Calenders from Kusters. The Plant runs on a Variable Drive Controlled system from ABB.

Quality Newsprint and Writing Prining Paper is manufactured from the setup. A Huge ETP is also there for Proper Effluent treatment of Wastes generated.

Newsprint is sold in terms of grammage and brightness which are world standard as 47 / 45 GSM , and qualities sub classified into Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Diamond.

Environmental Conservation
Environmental Conservation

All the Paper Plants are using Waste Paper Recycle technology for manufacturing of paper. This itself caters to environmental conservation more than any other industry. We are recycling the waste generated by the modern society and also saving on the precious forest reserves or the green cover, as otherwise the pulp generated from the forest wood would have been used as raw material. This was one of the major factors in choosing the recycle paper technology for the company project.

Moreover the company has also been actively involved in plantation activity in its premises and also in its neighboring area.

Malu Paper Vision
Measures for Pollution Control
Measures for Pollution Control

The company has been regularly following the norms laid by the Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and has a full-fledged Effluent Treatment plant for treating the Industrial Effluents generated by the process. The company has two different Effluent Treatment Plants for the two units. The treatment process is being done in three stages and as a result the process is able to reuse 90% of the treated effluent (water) back in the process.

Malu Paper Board of Directors
R & D

The Company has set up its own laboratory for quality control and further development of quality. Various trials are undertaken in the laboratory to improve the quality and to reduce cost of production. The facilities available are for checking the different parameter of Paper, Chemicals and Raw Materials.

HR .

The company is governed by its Board of Directors, who are directly involved in day to day running of the business. The Directors are assisted by a Group of Managers Qualified, Experienced and trained in their respective field such as Paper Making, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Legal & Finance and Marketing.