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About us

Malu Paper Mills Ltd. (MPML) is Central India’s Leading recycled paper based manufacturer of Kraft, Newsprint and Writing Printing paper. Established in 1996, the company was started by the 1stGeneration Entrepreneurs from the Malu family. The family-owned company is listed on both the NSE and the BSE. Malu Group has diversified business profiles in different sectors like Coal Trading, Electrodes, Steel & Alloy and Rice.

The company has set up 3 plants spread over 140 acres, strategically located near Nagpur district in Central India giving them an advantage of good connectivity across the country and to the nearby markets. The plant holds the capacity to produce 90,000 TPA of Kraft Paper and 50,000 TPA of Newsprint and Writing Printing Paper. The biggest strength is their technical expertise and an experience of over 2 decades combined with the state-of-the-art equipment  installed in our facility. 

Our story

Our first paper machine (PM1) commenced production in 1996 with a capacity to make 18 tons/day MG Kraft paper. The machine has been updated over the years and can produce 60 tons/day of Quality Lower GSM Kraft paper.

Having gained experience of running a paper mill, looking at demand and the growth in Newsprint industry, we decided to add another plant having capacity of 60 tons/day in the same compound; thereby utilizing same infrastructure facilities apart from achieving substantial saving in administrative and other overheads and increasing the overall profitability. The plant commenced production in a record time of 13 months in the year 2001. Our PM2 has been modified over the years and now manufactures 190 tons/day of high quality MF Kraft paper used in the corrugation industry.

In 2006, the company went public and got listed on the NSE and BSE.

Further, seeing the demand of high quality Newsprint and Writing and Printing paper we went in for another expansion of 150 tons/day. Our PM3 commenced production in 2008.The plant has a State-of -the-art Pulp Mill, the First of its Kind in India from Andritz, Paper Machine from Beloit, Calendars from Kusters, along with a 6 MW Captive Co Generation Plant for Power as well as Steam Generation.

Today we have the capability to produce a range of diversified products like high quality Kraft, Newsprint and Writing Printing paper. Malu Paper Mills has become one of  Central India’s leading Recycled paper manufacturer. We are making continued efforts and improvements to achieve our goal of becoming a Brand in the Paper Industry.