Future Outlook


Over the next five years, the domestic industry is projected to grow at 6-7% CAGR to reach 20 million tonnes by 2022. Packaging paper & board segment demand is expected to grow at a faster pace as compared to Printing & Writing and the Newsprint segments.

The reasons for growth of paper industry in country are continuous demand for education and literacy, increasing organised retail, growth in e-commerce, FMCG, pharma/ healthcare sector, demand of quality packaging, ban on plastic (especially polythene bags) and incremental demand of eco-friendly paper bags, continuously increasing demand of ready-to-eat food and printed stationary.

The demand drivers and growth triggers have come from a combination of factors such as rising income levels, growing per capita expenditure, rapid urbanization and a larger proportion of earning population which is expected to lead consumption and there is enormous potential for the paper industry in the country.

Higher recycling demand will further push the use of paper as a packaging material, with consumers and businesses looking for solutions that help in cost reduction as well as keeping the environment safe while keeping government regulations intact.

The Company’s Plant – III which is in Operation since 11 years, have a Swing Capacity to manufacture Writing Printing Paper with High Quality. With Indian Government’s emphasis on Education through their “Right to Education”, demand for Notebooks and other Schooling material is set to grow. With the implementation of GST, Accounts Organising is a Major Pull, rising demand for A4 Copier Paper.

Malu Paper Mills Ltd’s Kraft Paper has a strong outlook overlooking demand in Packaging due to demand in Organised Packing in Retail, Household & Industrial Goods and E-Retail like Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal, Myntra, which uses Primarily Kraft Paper as Principal Packaging Medium.

Malu Paper uses Paper Making Process which is completely through Recycled process using Waste Paper as the Primary Raw Material through World Class Technology.Hence the Company is committed towards the Global Vision of Saving Trees and create a Greener Earth and Better Future for coming Generations.

Growth is keen for any Business Enterprise. Malu Paper Mills too has a future growth plans for itself. The future plans of the company is :

  • To Enter in Exports Market of Paper in Africa and South East Asia. This area has a Huge Potential to grow. The Company has already started Exports to these Countries.
  • To strategically enter into Writing Printing Segment through “Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan”, the Central Government onus to create Education awareness.
  • Reduce dependency of Indian consumers on Imports by giving a Value Product in timely deliveries at Better Costs.