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Newsprint (PM3)

GSM Range : 45

MPML has the production capacity of 150 tons/day of recycled Newsprint paper used by India’s Leading Print Media houses. It has excellent Run ability and desired printing results. Its excellent strength reduces downtime and increases the efficiency at the customer end. This makes it suitable to be used in the high-speed Printing Applications.


The Bulk of this paper is one of the best in Indian Market. The High Bulk Newsprint is used for making notebooks, Printed drawing book sand is exported to African and South American countries.

MPML’s manufacturing facility is equipped with DCS operated High-speed Paper Machine running at 750m/min. It also boasts of a 2 stage De-inking plant along with Captive Power Generation plant of 6MW. MPML also has technology like the Drum pulper and Soft-nip Calendars that provides superior Quality, Formation and Finish to the paper.


GSM Range : 45-90

MPML manufactures 200 tons/day High-quality Maplitho grade Writing Printing paper on PM3 with a brightness up to 88%. It is ideal for use in notebooks and by publications. The paper holds great strength, opacity and printability. The soft-nip Calendars give excellent surface finish to our paper.